How Can I Help?

I get it.

You want people to want what you are selling as badly as you want to sell it. You want to live the dream you’ve been dreaming – and for that to happen, you need copy that pops.

Scratch that.

You need copy that sends up so many sizzling sparklers it can be seen from the International Space Station.

I copy.

Which means you need me. Why?

Because I love to write impactful, gripping, headline-grabbing copy the way you love doing that thing you love to do.

Who am I, you ask? My name is Shannon. 🙂

And here’s just a little – not a lot – about me….just so we can get better acquainted.

First and foremost, I am a happy, grateful, no-nonsense yet fun-loving freelance writer with 10+ years experience supported by a business/marketing degree.

My passion is to produce the exact type of engaging, research-backed, professional yet conversational content your audience needs and craves.

Me, age 3. I loved books, birds, those “double-decker” boxes of crayons, mud and helicopters….not necessarily in that order.

A little backstory – it probably won’t surprise you to learn I didn’t start out as a professional writer.


I started out as a professional reader.

I once won an award from our local paper for reading the most books in one summer. How many books did I read that summer?

1,000 books (yes. one thousand. that is not a typo.)

Okay. But how is this relevant to YOU and to the writing project that likely brought you here in the first place?

Here’s the thing.

Keen readers make good writers.

More accurately….

Keen readers make potentially GREAT writers.


To work well with words, you first must fall in love with words.

It is this love for words that brings nuanced attention to every. single. detail. – transforming “blah” boilerplate copy into fresh and fabulous, eye-popping, evergreen content.

Which is precisely the sort of copy you need to succeed.

This also happens to be the exact kind of copy I write.

Ready to get started?