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PetGuide.com article by freelance writer Shannon Cutts

Cat pee….it happens. But what can you do when it keeps happening in all the wrong places and everything you know to try hasn’t worked to stop it? You ask the animal communicator, of course!

Dear Shannon, lately my 7-year-old male soul cat, Alex, has been peeing outside the litter box. I’m what you might call a crazy cat lady for life – suffice it to say I know about cats. So I’ve tried all the remedies I know to do – a well cat veterinary exam, a litter box deep clean, change in kitty litter, deterrent spray, pheromones, more play time…..keep reading

PetGuide.com article by freelance writer Shannon Cutts

In most cases, our precious pets will pass before we do. And yet when that time finally arrives, the worry and pain and grief can feel unbearable. This is true for pet parents of any age but especially when a child has a close bond with that animal.

How do you help a young person cope with pet death? You ask the animal communicator, of course!

Dear Shannon, our senior dog, Oscar, is nearing the end of his long life with our family: 14 years since he came to us as a tiny 8-week-old puppy! This is painful enough….keep reading

TopFrenchie.com article by freelance writer Shannon Cutts

French Bulldogs are undeniably captivating companions.

But increasingly, researchers and veterinarians warn that the Frenchie’s flat face, narrowed nostrils, shortened (brachycephalic) muzzle and top-heavy structure can mean lifelong health issues for these precious pups. 

Here at Top Frenchie, we want you to be informed before you shop or adopt. After reading this article, you will know the signs of several common French Bulldog health problems and possible solutions for each….keep reading

thelabradorsite.com article by freelance writer Shannon Cutts

Finding the best moving dog toys for your dog can take a bit of research! If you have arrived here in search of awesome, inventive, engaging dog toys that move and make noise, you’re in luck! Read on for a carefully curated list of some of the best moving dog toys for your pup to enjoy!

Whenever you are selecting dog toys that move on their own, there is always a safety issue to consider since you may want to offer them for solo play time. One of the biggest safety concerns for a dog toy that moves on its own is making sure your dog can’t chew through to any batteries hidden inside.

Also, different dog breeds have different chewing strengths and styles. Some dogs like to mouth their toys, maybe carry them around a bit, or snuggle with them. Other dogs….keep reading

BeyondWords.life article by freelance writer Shannon Cutts

According to Harvard researchers, just 12 minutes of daily meditation can reduce stress, fight aging and ease depression and anxiety. Yet less than 10 percent of us meditate regularly. Why is this?

Common reasons cited include these: not enough time, don’t know how, can’t sit without pain, too stressed, can’t calm the mind and many more.

But what if we could prove you are already a master meditator? Because you are….keep reading 

BeyondWords.life article by freelance writer Shannon Cutts

Cheap. Easy. Fun. Does this sound like your idea of camping? It can be, with just a smidgen of research and prep time. 

Of course, it’s easy to quickly turn the prospect of your first car camping trip into an epic time-suck project with a free side of extra stress. In the non-stop whirlwind lives we live today, our free time is precious and should be kept as stress-free as possible.

On that note, we put together a handy guide to help make sure your very first car camping trip goes off without a hitch…keep reading

BeyondWords.life article by freelance writer Shannon Cutts

Texas. If the rumor is true, everything is bigger here.

But the fact is, ever since Forbes nominated the city of Houston, TX as #1 for its “coolest cities to live in” list, the city is starting to run out of room. 

Now, two-thirds of the way through 2016 and 27+ million strong, Houston is bulging at its high-tech, interurban, energy-centric seams.

Cowboys? No room for ‘em. Cattle? You can find that in aisle 7, the one labeled “frozen packaged meats.” As for wide open spaces….keep reading

BeyondWords.life article by freelance writer Shannon Cutts

Single and married women alike today have something new in common: Roughly half of each group is undecided about having kids.

If this describes you, you are not alone – 2014 saw the largest annual birth rate drop since the U.S. Census began.

Ultimately, it is totally fine to not know yet if you want kids, or even to be sure you don’t.

Here are 10 of the most common reasons women today say they are on the fence about having kids….keep reading

HuffingtonPost.com article by freelance writer Shannon Cutts

I still remember my first encounter with Rainer Maria Rilke’s “Letters to a Young Poet”. It was 1987. I was just sixteen years old at the time, but I had never felt so ill at ease in my own skin….or so alone.

During that period of my life I spent the great majority of my free time haunting the aisles of the public library, all but devouring the varied contents of the self-help shelves.

I was searching for answers….keep reading

Huffingtonpost.com article by freelance writer Shannon Cutts

Statistics prove that finding a mentor can boost productivity, decrease delinquent and addictive behavior, facilitate raises and promotions, increase self-esteem and self-efficacy, improve relationships and quality of life, and lower stress.

But once you have located a mentor who is right for you, and s/he has agreed to serve in that role, you may find yourself wondering – now what?

The success of any relationship, mentoring or otherwise, boils down to one thing – good relationship-building skills. Here, we will discuss seven key steps you can take to make the most of your opportunity to work with a mentor….keep reading

Be A Freelance Blogger article by freelance writer Shannon Cutts

“Content mills.”

If you’re a writer, just saying those words together is the emotional equivalent of cursing in front of your grandmother. Truthfully, content mills do make for a ridiculously easy target.

They don’t pay enough. They work their writers to death.

They churn out crappy copy and turn search engine results into dumpster dashes. They teach writers to be worse at their craft, not better. They eat self-esteem for breakfast. They disappear at the most inopportune moments (like just before payday).

Did I mention they don’t pay enough….keep reading

IWAWine.com article by freelance writer Shannon Cutts

Think back to that first sip of wine: Did you like it? Hate it? Did your palate jury call a recess to further deliberate?

If you feel intimidated in tasting rooms or wine shops while others are discussing minute flavor notes like black pepper and hints of forest floor, but are intrigued enough to try to learn a little more, this is the article for you.

Wine will always boil down to a matter of personal preference. If you can answer the question “Did you like it?,” you already have a wine palate. You know what you prefer, which is what the whole search for that ultimate sip is all about….keep reading

thehappycatsite.com article by freelance writer Shannon Cutts

Cat love bites – if you are a cat owner, chances are good you either love this common cat behavior or you hate it.

But if you are a first-time cat owner who is just now getting acquainted with this phenomenon, you may just be a bit freaked out the first time you experience cat love bites. You may even wonder if you are doing something wrong that is causing your cat to bite!

Why do cats give love bites?How can you tell cat love bites apart from other kinds of cat bites?And if you aren’t a fan, how can you stop cat love bites from happening….keep reading

thehappypuppysite.com article by freelance writer Shannon Cutts

When it comes to choosing large dog beds and extra large dog beds, it can be difficult, décor-wise, to ignore the very large dog bed in the room, so to speak.

Not to mention the rather sizeable dent in your wallet, since many X large dog beds come with a suitably sizeable price tag attached!

But your big baby is worth it, right? You just need to find the right big dog beds that meet your dog’s needs without swallowing your bank account or holding your living room hostage….keep reading

SqueaksandNibbles.com article by freelance writer Shannon Cutts

Cockatiels as pets are some of the most popular pet birds in the world! In fact, cockatiels take second place in the pet bird category only to the parakeet (budgerigar).

For the right person, the question of “do cockatiels make good pets?” is a resounding YES. However, cockatiels can be relatively long-lived pets.

So it is vital to make sure you can offer that long-term commitment before bringing your new cockatiel home…..keep reading

SqueaksandNibbles.com article by freelance writer Shannon Cutts

The South American red footed tortoise is one of the more popular pet tortoises today.

While these outgoing and social tortoises generally acclimate well to captive life, they do have some specialized care requirements – one of which is the red footed tortoise diet.

Here, you will learn details about providing the best red footed tortoise diet, including what red footed tortoises can eat and can’t eat, how often to feed, how much to feed and some helpful tips about tortoise treats….keep reading

MyOSM.ca article by freelance writer Shannon Cutts

If there is one thing 2020 has taught business owners thus far, it is this: social media is no longer just a place people go to be social.

The social platforms of 2020 have become a literal lifeline that keeps us connected in the wake of an unexpected global pandemic.

For individuals, social media is a way to find out if a business is open, what inventory looks like and how to procure the products or services they need.

For businesses, social feeds offer safe contact-less communications….keep reading

MyOSM.ca article by freelance writer Shannon Cutts

Right now, many small business owners are facing a near future where operating remotely is truly the only option to remain viable.

Even as Ontario slowly and cautiously begins to open back up, many workers are scared to re-engage with customers and vendors at former levels. On top of that, many business owners are scared to let them.

After pouring your heart and soul into your business growth, this situation may feel nothing short of heart-breaking. Have you come this far just to lose it all….keep reading

MyOSM.ca article by freelance writer Shannon Cutts

As a busy entrepreneur, you don’t have time for time-wasting do-overs. You really need to get it right – whatever “it” happens to be from one moment to the next – the first time.

This includes trusting your employees. For example, you simply can’t be there every second to make sure your workers are taking great care of your company’s customers. You have to train them and then trust them.

This can be a tough balance to maintain! The same holds true for your website, which is basically your online staff….keep reading

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