It probably won’t surprise you to learn I didn’t start out as a professional writer. I started out as a professional reader – and a particularly dedicated one at that.

Me, age 3. I loved books, birds, those “double-decker” boxes of crayons, mud and helicopters….not necessarily in that order.

When I was a teen, I won a contest sponsored by the local paper to see who could read the most books in one summer.

Guess how many books I read? (If you guessed “1,000 books” you now know why I say that was the summer I didn’t get out much.)

How is this relevant to YOU and to the writing project that likely brought you here in the first place?

Keen readers make good writers. Scratch that. Keen readers make potentially GREAT writers.

To work well with words, you first must fall in love with words.


It is the love that brings the nuanced attention to every. single. detail. – transforming “blah” boilerplate copy into fresh and fabulous, eye-popping, evergreen content.

What you can absolutely expect to see on my (our) writing desk on any given day. Because, well….birds.

But here’s the thing.

Just as you don’t “click” with every new person you meet, there isn’t any such thing as a one-client-fits-all freelance writer.

In fact, you probably know this already, or you would have hired the last freelancer whose “About” page and online portfolio you just finished scrolling through (likely with increasing impatience and perhaps just a splash of rising panic).

What there IS – and I can personally attest to this – is a “right writer” for each freelance client.

It might even be me for you.

Reach out to find out!

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Love and Feathers and Shells flock

Let me tell you, when I started reading the commentary, I thought man, this gal is talented! She has such a magical way with words. Then I found out you are a bloody professional & I thought well now I know why!

IG fan Amy Marie @loveandfeathersandshells

Shannon, I just finished your book. It’s the best book I’ve ever read. I absolutely loved it. I’ve had books that I quit reading from the library because I get bored so easily. I could not put it down. I read every word. 

Marta Crabtree on “Love & Feathers”

Everything in this inventive, unique self-help book works because it encourages those struggling with recovery to confront destructive thinking patterns with empathy, understanding, and perseverance. 

The Elisa Project on “Beating Ana”